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Personal Guarantee is an agreement that makes one liable for one’s own or a third party’s debts or obligations. A personal guarantee signifies that the lender (obligee) can lay claim to the guarantor’s assets in case of the borrower (obligor) default.

This is according to Business Dictionary.com.

Personal Guarantee is “by making a guarantee you are putting yourself – and your assets – on the hook, by acting as the loan’s cosigner. If your business dissolves, you will be responsible for repayment. Creditors will go after you in the event that your business fails to repay the loan”

This is according to Inc.

A personal guarantee is a promise made by a specific person, an organization or other entity; to be known as the guarantor and to accept responsibility for some other party’s debt in the event the debtor fails to pay it.

The usual and most common purpose of a personal guarantee is typically to allow an organization or person to obtain credit when they lack a credit history, or they do have one, but lack a credit rating sufficient to qualify for credit.

This is according to Wikipedia.

In the business world, personal guarantees are requested when the business is unestablished, and lacks credit history, a credit profile, and credit score.

They are also sometimes required for larger loan amounts, or always requested for loans guaranteed by SBA, conventional bank loans, and it’s also required with some other higher loan amounts in which no collateral is being pledged.

When you complete a loan application and provide your social security number, lenders will almost always pull your personal credit to make the lending decision. And, you’ll also in most cases be providing a personal guarantee

Although this might be a necessity with some conventional and higher amount loans, it’s not required for smaller business credit cards.

With business credit cards, if the business does have established business credit, that credit can be used to secure the credit cards so no personal guarantee is needed.

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  1. Hi, I seen your post….
    How is that even possible? I don’t see how anyone can get credit without using their own social security #?
    That is why their are so many identity theft programs out there, so how can someone get credit without giving No Personal Guarantee?

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